About Teri

Teri Conrad grew up riding on the back of her mom’s motorcycle and has been piloting her own bike since 2003. She enjoys riding both cruisers and sport bikes, has dabbled in dirt bike and adventure riding, and has two motorcycles of her own. She got the bug for motorcycling while enjoying motorcycle rides with close friends. Teri has been a freelance writer since 2005, and served as managing editor of Kawasaki’s Accelerate magazine from 2007-2016, where she led a great team of writers publishing numerous issues for the Riders of Kawasaki motorcycle community.

Teri’s work has been published in regional, national and online publications including: Accelerate magazine, RoadRunner magazine, Ride Texas magazine, Iron Horse magazine, WomenRidersNow.com, RevZilla Common TreadOrbitz.com, Cycle Trader.com, Friction Zone magazine, Biker Ally magazine, Adventure Sports Outdoors magazine, Portrait of Achievement magazine, and Live Life Travel magazine. You can find her on Facebook, or send her an email